It's All Over

Summer, that is!

The past four days have been gray, misty cold in the mornings and a little sun - occasionally in the afternoon. Heat on in the mornings, for sure and today, for the first time, on all day. Summer is definitely over.

I can't complain though, because we have had a glorious run of wonderful weather. Now I just have to adjust my thinking to "inside" and "gray" days. The trees are still turning but leaves falling like, well...leaves! Pretty colors still, before the really dark days.

It's fun have Betsy here; nice having easy company and as we are both working, we aren't making a lot of day trips. And both of us are on tight budgets which also slows down the field trips. We went blackberry picking a couple of times and plan on going to the Farmers Market tomorrow, provided it's not raining. Then to Danelle's new house which I haven't seen yet. And on Monday, we are going for coffee at Betsy's friends' house who live up here.

However, we did have a little dinner party last night with Susan, Dan, Mardelle and Jim. Very low key with fresh salmon which I did in the oven with dill, red onions and lemons. Delicious, even if I say so myself. And today, I made a whole big batch of kale crisps.

It sounds like ecology is kicking into gear - at least we are feeling hopeful that the funding is progressing and with the big board meeting tomorrow, we should know more. It will make life a lot easier, that's for sure. And having a regular income will allow me to take periodic trips to SoCal and get out of the weather. That helped so much last year, then I can handle the gray until I can afford to rent this place out and find somewhere sunny to put down some roots.

I found that even the warm days here were almost too warm for me; I understand from all my MS reading, that heat is not good - and neither is cold! So I need a place of perpetual spring, where the sun shines most of the time and temperatures are comfortable all year. Costa Rica highlands? Ecuador? So my dreams of living on the beach in a tropical climate might end up not being practical for me. But I will most likely try it out to make sure - I know I would be as happy as a clam living in some remote, sunny place where I can have a garden, go swimming in the sea every day, and which is within an easy flight of the kids.

So I am keeping my options open - and feel pretty confident that very soon, I will actually have some!