It's a year ago...

This time last year is when the "disease" got me. And I still don't have a definitive answer. But that, I hope, is over now and I am planning my next adventure, seeing as I couldn't do the Nicaragua trip last year.

So this year it's New Zealand. With family there now, and never having been there, it's time. So we leave November 25 for 5 weeks, maybe longer. Everyone says, "you'll never come back."

Well, that suits me, I can't stand the winters here. But I would miss my kitties so would have to have them sent over though they would have to be in quarantine for 6 months.

I'm set up to do a couple of articles for International Living while there, in preparation for their "Live and Prosper in New Zealand Conference" in March and I have offered my services there so maybe will stay on longer. So have been doing the research on places to go and Zoze and Jenni are checking things out as well.

We arrive before the school holidays so will have about three weeks before the hoards are out and then it's the holidays. It will be good to have a warm Christmas, and a one that isn't a commercial enterprise like it is here. Maybe we will just go to the beach and hang out.

We have a reservation at a "bach" for five days on the Coramandel - apparently the most gorgeous place to go. A bach is a holiday house/cottage that is rented out by the day/week. We have it for 5 days and the whole family is going. What fun!

In the mean time, trying to get the door finished and work taken care of - 9 articles for Dockside before I go!