Yesterday I had an interesting proposition! Several months ago, I talked to a guy who is working with Escape from America, an online magazine. That was when I hadn't decided where I was going, thinking most likely Mexico. He has the Mexico portal of the magazine, and we discussed writing for him. Then I didn't hear back from him. So I thought, oh boy, another flake and pretty much wrote him off.

Yesterday, I happened to think about him again, changed my phone number in the signature and wrote a quick check-in email. Within an hour, he called me, basically offering me the Panama portal! But, of course, there is money involved, significant money, of which there is basically none! So I turned him down today. But it sure would have been fun. A lot of work, but fun! And as Betsy pointed out, we don't pay to work any more! But I will keep in touch, so that I can write for them once I am there. And hopefully, get paid to do it!

This week, besides working on, I am going to start writing my "pitch" letters for the list of magazines and blogs that pay writers. Then, once the letters sound good, and it is closer to departure time, I will send them off.

Getting ready to go out and drop crab traps! It's going to be fun - love crab, especially Dungeness and have been looking for crab cake recipes and how to make crab louis salad!