In Limbo Again

Oliver quad Well, here it goes again.

Just when I think I am on a steady, stable track, the rug gets pulled out from under me and I'm stuck in limbo again.

For the last two months, the "funding" has been pending, no paychecks etc. But we all keep being optimistic, keeping the site up and running ( I don't have anything to do with actually keeping the site going, thank goodness) creating and posting content.

Next week, next week, the damn investors keep saying, and now it is again, next week, but that is will actually be next year, and I am wondering if that was his intention all along. New year, new funding. Anyhow, we are supposed to know, one way or the other next week.

But it all leaves me in a real quandary. My plan had been to go south to Mexico, to La Manzanilla, a small town two hours south of Puerto Vallarta. Drive my car down, find an inexpensive house to rent close to the beach and live there - at least for a while. It's close enough, and tickets reasonable enough, that I would be able to go back forth to California to see everyone. Now, with no income except my minimal SS, looks like I will go back to South Africa and stay with Mick and Debbie for a couple of months until I figure out what to do. If, of course, they will have me!

The loan modification is coming together, the last of the three required payments went today. Then the real documents are sent out and have no idea how long that will take. Chris will be renting the house from me so I don't have to worry about that but still, everything is just so unstable and iffy.

Who would have thought, that at my advancing years!!!! I would be in this spot. All the fairy tales of youth went up in smoke a long time ago, but this last go around, with the prospect of actually doing what I do, and doing it around something I love was a godsend, and I put a lot of faith in it. Probably too much.

The good side of things is I had bought my tickets to Southern California for Christmas so was still able to go down and spend time with the family. The little boys are growing so fast and are SO cute! Ryan and Les gave me - and Cody and Mel - iPads so we can talk back and forth on Facetime! The iPad is just amazing and every time I get to use new technology like this, I love technology even more! Now I just have to get Mel and Cody to use it so I can keep in touch with the little ones.

Anyway, "they" say you are never given more than you handle, so I guess I just handle it and hope for the best.