I am just so pissed off about this immigration reform. There are so many aspects that are just unbelievable to me.

First off, I see all these people demonstrating about it - where are the demonstrators against the war? Is it because the war is so far away and immigration is right here in their faces? All these illegals wanting everything free from this country! Go to their countries and you can be damn sure there is nothing free there and you have to jump through hoops to stay there. And most Americans wouldn't even dream of trying to stay in another country illegally, anyway.

When I first came here, I was on a British passport and went in and out of the country numerous times, renewing my visa. Every time I crossed the border, either from Mexico or from the British Virgin Islands, I was afraid and so paranoid that I would not get the golden stamp in the book. Eventually, when I married Randy, I had to go through the whole routine of taking US history classes, medical exams, interviews and even Randy had to be interviewed and our stories had to jibe or I wouldn't get my green card. And even then, I was nervous. Coming back from Mexico was alway scary for me. And here are these people who just expect to be given whatever they want, without any sort of screening! And even more scary is that people here, Americans, want it too! These poor illegals might have there civil rights taken away from them. Well, they don't have any rights here, and are here illegally so what's the problem? We might as well just open the borders and become one country. Then they would find out what it is really like. Registered and paying taxes! Hah! That will be the day. There will just be millions more on welfare and overloading the hospitals.

Don't get me wrong. I love the Hispanic people. I want to go live in Central America. But I don't plan to go illegally and try to get handouts from them. If you are going to live and work in another country, then do it legally and obey the laws of that land. To me that makes logical sense.

It's just one more thing that makes me want to leave this country. I'm so tired of it. So tired of all the stupid political correctness, the warped ideas about what life is all about. The vanilla color that it is taking on, with no sparkle or craziness. It's the Wal-Marting of America, we must all be the same, bland and blending into the woodwork.

And with the insane president and no one in the wings to come forward to take over - the future looks really scary. I can't even imagine having Hillary in there - she would be even worse.

I try not to look at the news any more as it is all bad stuff and the media just continues to rake it up. It is far worse here than anywhere else, I think. I know in South Africa they do hype the bad stuff but there is also a lot of good shown and the news is not on 24/7. People are not constantly blasted by the media. There is a problem with illegals in South Africa too - coming from Zimbabwe. But the SA border patrol doesn't have the constraints put on it like the patrol here. If they are illegal with no documents, back they go. And they go back to a country in a far worse state than any Central American country. There is no food, and a hugely oppressive government, inflation at more than 600% with no jobs.

But country borders are country borders and until this becomes one world, with no borders, people must abide by the rules. So I stay away from politics (mostly) and believe that the Universe is taking care of things, and that my little meditations and prayers all help make it One.