I'm baaaack

I last blogged in August last year and since then I have been so immersed in the business that it seems there just wasn't time. And I also didn't want to put what was actually going on in the biz out there in cyberworld!

But now things have changed.

Friends and family know I have been battling to keep mymixednuts going on a frayed shoestring. The shoestring finally broke, or more accurately, I gave up trying to keep it in one piece. It is a great idea, but the timing (recession) and the product (non-essential) combined, did not create a climate for success.

Annie has put a lot of money into the project; I put a lot of sweat and tears. I learned a huge amount about small business. And there are a couple of things that stand out: Pay yourself first and know your partners, and define responsibilities. Of course I know Ryan but the others... I only met Annie and Joe once. And then when we took on a marketing partner, a friend of Annie's, things definitely started going downhill. I only met him once as well. Just too many cooks...

But I was desperate for work and so when Ryan suggested that I do this thing, I jumped at the chance. He saved my bacon. And it is really sad to have to walk away from what I consider a creation of mine as I really had very little help. From a single url to the site it is now is a big accomplishment for me. It would, of course, be more of an accomplishment if it was profitable.

Oh well.

So now I am back in the job market, looking for something to keep me going. I interviewed yesterday for a position in Port Townsend at a boat yard that needs someone in the shop and to do other stuff like marketing etc. It would be fun I think, but there was a tall stack of applications on the desk so who knows whether I will get it. This is a depressed area so everyone is looking for work.

But I hold the vision of warm water, swimming and snorkeling every day and sun! Every day! Instead of this cold, snow, rain, ice and gray that we are surrounded with here. 

The good news is my health is excellent, I live rent free, my kitties are wonderful. I actually feel a whole lot better since sending my resignation yesterday even though I am flat broke with no job! The stress of trying to keep the biz afloat would have killed me.

So now, anyone out there, I am available for anything legal (or not) to make some money.