I'm a granny!

So my most beautiful grandson was born on Monday night in San Diego. Oliver West Simpkins weighed in at eight pounds! And he was only a day late - can't imagine how big he would have been if he had waited another week.

I spent some time with them at the hospital yesterday afternoon and Cody was amazing with the little guy. Totally enamored with him. He was the one changing the diapers and holding Oliver as Melissa was very tired. The had a shared hospital room and the baby in the next bed had colic and was crying all night so they got no sleep. I'm amazed the nurses didn't take the baby to the nursery so everyone else could get some rest. It certainly isn't like when we had babies. Oh well...

Tomorrow I will go to the house to see them as they will be much more settled and comfortable. Karen, Mel's mum is with them for a few days, but then when she leaves, I worry that Mel will be by herself a lot with no support.

I called about a job in San Diego today but it was already gone - Program Director for Challenged America. I still don't have a clue what I will be doing. I do know that I like being warm and the thought of a cold, wet, gray winter up north is depressing. So as fast as I can, I will get the house on the market and get the hell out of there.