I wasn't always a Gray Haired Lady

When I was just a "young thing" I sailed away on a big - 90' - beautiful, black ketch, off into the South Pacific. Bear in mind that back then, in the late 60's, cruising was not a common occurrence and places we went were sometimes not even on the map. I know my family had a hard time keeping track of where I was.

The crew of this boat, the Vadura, was a film crew and when this pix was taken, the natives of the Solomon Islands were totally blown away by the Polaroids that Gerard Leclery, on the right, was showing them. They were even then, still awed by seeing themselves in a mirror!

The women, who were all topless, could not understand why I was wearing a bikini top - they kept fulling at it, wanting me to take it off!

Ah yes, those were the good old days! Now I will keep my top on, thank you very much!