I never thought it would be so much fun

One of my clients is 85 and a real dynamo. She runs a philanthropic organization and is very involved in all sorts of other community endeavors. And she kayaks! And that really impressed me. If she can do it, so can !!

So a month or so ago, I went into Port Townsend's kayak place and found out about lessons. Our house is in the ideal spot, on a little canal with a dock, it's sheltered and has access to the bay and great little sand islands to explore. I signed up.

The first lesson was supposed to be a couple of weeks ago and by that time I had lost interest so I made an excuse and didn't go, re-scheduling for yesterday. On Thursday I was waffling. The only kayaking experience I have had was in South Africa on Lake St Lucia. But that was on more of a paddle ski and it was so uncomfortable, you sit with your legs out straight and it killed my hips. It was fun being out on the lake with the hippos and crocodiles, but not fun on the bod. I thought I was going to die! So my idea of kayaking wasn't too positive.

Anyway, come Friday morning, I thought, "OK, I've paid for the class, it's a beautiful morning, I'm going."

And boy, am I glad I did! I haven't had so much fun in years!

There were four of us - three teenagers and me - and our instructor Jena, who is as wide as a toothpick! She gave us the rundown on safety, how to paddle etc before even getting in the boats. Then we chose a boat to try out and off we went. What a trip! I was amazed at how many muscles you use. Legs, tummy, back, shoulders, arms! But once you get the right movements, it is almost effortless. You just glide and even if you do get tired, you just sit and enjoy the view. The kayaks are so stable you really have to work to tip over.

We also learned how to get in and out and I did fine getting in but the first time I got out, the wave moved the boat just as I stepped out, I lost my balance and I sat, hip deep in the water! It was really funny and I was amazed the water wasn't that cold. As I sit there laughing, this little teenage girl comes rushing to help me! I guess she thought because I have grey hair, I couldn't get up myself!

We tried out different styles of boats and I like the first one - a
Necky Zoar - so I think I will "get me one." It's the white one in the picture. It has a really comfortable seat and a rudder, it just seem to fit. I started thinking how much fun it would be to kayak through the mangroves in Belize or Costa Rica where the birds are amazing and the water crystal clear. I will get racks for my car too so I can go places around here.