I Miss My Roomie!

It was such fun having Betsy here for a month. And now, it's back to the empty house syndrome. I miss my roomie! It's not like I have nothing to do - there is lots to keep me busy, but I really enjoyed the company. It's difficult to find someone compatible to share space with. And even the awkward bathroom situation wasn't awkward at all! This house has a "jack and jill" setup, where the bathroom upstairs is between the two bedrooms, with doors from both sides. I don't think this situation would work well with someone I didn't know, as I have thought of getting a roomie.

Oh well...

So today I go to spend the night at a B&B in Port Angeles in my new position as editor for Harbors Magazine. It's called A Hidden Haven and looks very pretty - in the summer! But at least it is supposed to be partially clear today.

And tomorrow, on the way back, I hope to meet with the tenants to see what they have done to the house. It looked clean and tidy when we drove by a couple of weeks ago, but I want to see inside. But they don't respond to emails or calls so it's difficult to communicate with them.

Here's something different. My neighbors across the street have been using the dock to keep their dinghy tied up and in the water. It's old and has an outboard which doesn't have an on/off lever any more. Anyway, a couple of nights ago, it absolutely POURED and that continued through the next day. I noticed the boat was floating a little low but assumed (something I should never do) that he would come over to bail it out. Well... he didn't and the next thing I know, another neighbor is at the door telling me a boat has sunk at my dock!

From where I sit at my desk, the monitor blocks a lot of the view, including most of the dock. So I hadn't noticed that the boat had broken it's dock lines and was upside down, engine holding it almost vertical to the dock!

He managed (although stoned and drunk) to haul the thing back up with help from his girlfriend and me! Now it sits - a piece of junk littering the dock.

And come to find out, he doesn't even own the boat or outboard!

What a doofus!