I Forget Sometimes

When everything feels overwhelming, I have to remind myself why I am doing all this - because I get so immersed in the minutia of things, that I lose track of my goal - to get out of here with the properties taking care of themselves and perhaps, even generating a little income! I just forget!

After last week's bombshell from my ex, which has absolutely no merit, (and even less as I think about it) and my initial freak-out, after talking to Mick, I got back on track and spent the week taking care of getting the rental house rented, going back and forth to Port Angeles - 106 miles round trip. An expensive exercise, but worth it in the end. Fortunately, the weather wasn't too shitty, so the drive was pleasant, the snow-covered mountains were out and the roads relatively dry! I vetted four possible tenants and chose the one I hope will be the best! She is so excited about the place and anxious to be in there. I should have the full payment and deposits on Tuesday, Monday being a holiday for some, like banks.

So with that handled, I need to make a decision about this house. I've thought about doing a summer rental and ran an ad on craigslist to see if there was any interest, but nothing so probably need to rethink that option. By April, I will be back on track and back to normal payments so renting it out is an option - but then the big question is, where do I go? Somewhere warm I would hope but without a steady income, it makes taking off rather iffy. But Susan is planning on leaving for Colorado in July, trading in cold, wet, gray winters for icy, dry and sunny winters. So that leaves me even more isolated down here.


And of course, there are my kitties. These little creatures are what has kept me sane the past few years. So they would have to go with me. A problem!

Since finding good-tasting gluten-free bread is difficult, I've been making my own. It's so much easier now to find the right ingredients, all the GF flours like quinoa, rice and coconut are available and there are even baking mixes. So I have developed a really good recipe with a good flavor and texture and have been making it for Susan and Dan too. He is diabetic and as a lot of these flours are much lower glycemic and higher protein than regular flour, they end up being good for him. Both Susan and I have gone off wheat/gluten and I know I feel really good on it. I don't think I am allergic to it, but I just feel better.

Today is DVD shipping day, we had a good week last week and it looks like another good one next week. It's rather fun watching the auction each day, wondering why on earth anyone would pay good money for some of the really junky movies and pass up what I would consider classics and good watching. To each his own, I guess. Tomorrow I will post the new ones for their 5 day run. Time consuming, but I don't really have anything else pressing so...

I saw the first primrose pushing it's little head up today. Bright pink splash in the dark. Spring is just around the corner, days are significantly longer, thank goodness. We have actually had quite a mild winter with just two frosts so far and the only snow was over Christmas when I was in SoCal.

My eye is healing...slowly...but the doctor is happy with how it is closing up and I have to go back in April. There should be no scar, he says. It doesn't look bad now and unless you are right in my face, you probably wouldn't even notice.

The sun is trying to come out so I am going outside for my Vit. D.