I am a Believer - in Synchrodestiny

Today I became a true believer. There are no coincidences. None. Never. Ever. This morning, with not a lot of forethought other than stopping for gas and picking up my sewing machine to take to a different Bernina technician, I got in the car and headed out. It wasn't raining, just cold and gray. I barreled down Beaver Valley Rd, a two-lane road that is known for police speed trapping and many accidents on the bends. But I just tootled along at the speed limit, an old pickup truck several good car lengths behind me.

First stop, gas at the cheap station attached to the supermarket. I pulled into the pump and rummaged for my card. As I got out of the car and started the process - special customer number, bank card etc., I noticed the following truck pull up behind me and a youngish guy got out, walked up to me and said, "Did you know your back wheel is about to fall off? It's going like this," waving his hands like a snake. Of course, I didn't know it, as the Jeep has so many squeaks, squawks, rattles and shakes that if a loose tire was making any new noises, they would have blended into the other cacophony of sounds.

"Will it make it to Port Townsend?" I asked, thinking I would drive slowly and carefully the next 8 miles to the guys who mounted the tires in June.

One word, "No."

"Do you have a lug wrench?"

I had no idea what was in the hidden compartments of the Leaky Beasty.

Hhhmmmm... as I'm filling the tank wondering what the hell I was going to do. Next thing I know is my good samaritan had a lug wrench out of his truck and was kneeling down to tighten things up! "I can tighten these with my fingers!" as he spun the wrench.

About this time, I start to realize how lucky I was and how there are no coincidences. How many times have I driven Beaver Valley Rd with no one behind me? The road is notorious for accidents! I could easily have been one of those crosses marked with plastic flowers along side the road! How many people would have followed me and made a point of telling me, and then stepping in to make it safe enough to get to the repair shop?

And isn't it telling that just this morning, the Deepak Chopra meditation was titled, "Living Synchrodestiny," and that is what I had been thinking about as I drove. And it wasn't even today's meditation - I missed a couple and am two days behind in the program.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

The outcome is Bill came to the repair shop with the winter, studded tires and the tire place swapped the summer tires for the winter ones. The one that was ready to fall off was retired as the holes were no longer round!

So now I am set for the winter, will have the lugs checked for tightness on Friday and thank my lucky stars, the young man who helped me and whoever is watching over me for the lucky coincidence!

Happy Thanksgiving!