How to eat an elephant

Sometimes it seems like I am taking on too much, moving to a different world, keeping the nuts going, editing, etc. But then one giant piece of the puzzle falls into place and things appear a whole lot different.

Finances of course, are a huge piece of this equation, and until I decided to take early Social Security, these dreams were out of reach. Then going through all the hassles of actually getting the monthly payment almost made me think it wasn't worth it. My payment is not huge by any stretch of the imagination (and may that be a note to young, self-employed people, pay your self employment tax or your social security will be minimal, it might be minimal or non-existent by the time they get to be my age anyway, but that's a whole different story) but it will make a nice, though small, safety net.

So this week, it was a very pleasant surprise to find the funds in my bank account! Followed a couple of days later with a letter from SS telling me they funds were there. Duh! I really have no idea how these government departments function - they are so dysfunctional!

So now I feel re-energized to get moving. Today I am heading down to Silverdale to buy dress patterns that are on sale for .99c which is unheard of. And I found a store that has some really pretty fabrics that are also relatively inexpensive. I have found in the past that by the time you buy the pattern and the fabric, it's cheaper to just go and buy a dress.

But that again, is another beef I have. Clothing styles for people my age are abysmal. They are soooo dowdy and grannyish. So you either have to go that route or you end up with clothing only suitable for teenagers - and that is not in the cards for me. So I have been thinking - for years - about designing clothes for women who are my age, active, trendy, full of life, colorful, easy to wear, that look good too. So something else to think about and add to my "to do" list.

Weather note: We had our three days of summer last week. While the rest of the nation swelters in record-breaking heat, we are still below normal and I have heard that it will most likely be another winter like the last one - but do I care? Hell NO! I won't be here!