How Can it Rain So Much?

Gawd, I feel like I have webbed feet!

For 26 days now, we have had rain and we are approaching a record set in 1953 with 33 days of consecutive rainy days! And these are not little sprinkles, either! It has been coming down in buckets. We live on a sandspit and we have standing water, especially at high tide, when there is just nowhere for the water to go. The sound of it pounding on the metal roof has become a normal background noise and when the rain stops at all, the silence is deafening!

The kitties are frantic with being stuck inside - I've let then out a bit when there has been a brief break in the storms, but Hinckley is howling to go out and Harley is just frantic. It's still so dark out at almost 7:45 am but will let them out in the rain soon - just so they stop being so antsy. They don't like it when they are out there and come in dripping wet!

Zoze and I have a routine going now. She is doing long-distance or remote reiki on me every morning. It's pretty interesting, of course I don't know if it's working but most times I can feel an energy of some sort around me. Sometimes it's a specific area and sometimes it's a general all over energy field that seems to surround me. We have a time set up and I sit in the recliner and relax and she takes over. It's a time for me to meditate too, so it's good. Sometimes one of the kitties sits on my lap and gets reiki'd too!

I'm gathering info for the next project on Best Places Northwest and will have an intro letter from the publisher which makes things easier, gives more credibility to what I'm doing. I'm doing Bainbridge Island too, so that will be fun. Now I have to start scheduling times to visit these places. We have a schedule in the office now, and that helps so I can take off on the times I don't have to be there. And if there are overnights, I can get Jim to take my time on the floor. But I'm hoping to make these little jaunts when the rain has stopped, but if it continues as long as they are predicting, well...

I've stepped down the prednisone to 20mg and don't feel so jittery and my blood work came back almost normal with the SED rate (inflammatory marker) down to normal, a really good sign. Headaches are almost gone, still some pressure in my chest and I can't tell if my vision is any better yet, but I am expecting it to be much clearer soon. I wasn't as tired yesterday, either but must remember to not push things so that I don't wear myself out.

But I am on the mend.