Hold Thumbs!

So when you start a business, there are always things that come up that you don't expect you will have to do. And things that you had no idea would need to be done, before you can do the other thing that has to be done before you can do the next thing. Does that make sense? No?

 Me either!

That's what today felt like, completely out of control.

My big goal was to get 9 gift baskets ready to go, which meant mixing the goodies, putting them in the bags, then the baskets, box and label them ready for Fedex tomorrow. 


First I realized that I didn't have one of the main ingredients as it is back ordered so had to rush to the store to buy semi-sweet chocolate chips - 5 pounds of them! Then I found I couldn't print the nutrition labels from the site because they come with an order, and as I wasn't ordering, I couldn't get them. Which meant I had to create them, myself. A long process - create the mix on the site, copy the nutritional values it generates, plug the numbers into an excel spreadsheet, make a pdf of it, create a jpeg from the pdf and print onto labels. And as I am not an excel fundi, it took me ages. 

Then sit and apply labels on the front and back of the bags.

Then go out into the freezing garage and make mixes. Seeing as these are multi-bag orders of the same mix, I made batches and put them in big bags ready for tomorrow. Susan is coming down early to help me as I am supposed to get the boxes shipped in the afternoon. Mixing didn't take as long as I thought it would now that I have things organized.

The big news is the when I get up tomorrow morning, I will type in www.mymixednuts.com and the site is supposed to be live. I'm keeping it under my hat until I know for sure that it really is there.

So now I am going to bed. It has been a long day and tomorrow should be rather exciting!

Hold thumbs!