Hey Ho Silver Wheels

silver fox Wheels! Just picked up my "new" car* and am thrilled! Everything works, it drives well and it is quite amazing what good condition it is in.

I followed Mick home, as he he said he wanted to make sure "you drive on the left hand side of the road!" Thanks brother, dearest.

So though I don't have any pressing needs to go anywhere, it is definitely a good feeling to be able to, and not have to rely on Mick or Debbie. I expect they are happy too!

Yesterday, I finally got to the beach at Winkelspruit with Graeme, my dear old friend who I grew up with. He lives in Johannesburg, and when he rang and said, "I'm coming to Durban, want to go to the beach?" of course I gave a resounding YES!

The water was clean and clear and warm!!! About 78F (25C) and although it was very choppy and no surfable waves, it just felt so good to get in. There were some bluebottles which I avoided, but one got Graeme but used the old remedy of Hottentot figs to soothe the sting. Brought back memories - one of my earliest - of when I was completely wrapped in the bluebottles and Mum slathered me with the hottentot fig juice and buried me in wet sand. hoping I wouldn't go into shock from the stings. Obviously, she did the right thing, because I am still here!

There is a wonderful tidal salt water pool there. We had to wait for it to be filled, about an hour, but it has to be 25 yards or more long and if I lived close, would swim every day. It was clean and fresh and hardly anyone in it. It also brought home my desire to live really close to the beach, something that is always No. 1 on my list of where I want to live. The sound of the surf and the smell of the sea spray is what I want to wake up to every day.

The beach was cleaner, less rubbish, than when I was here three years ago, and I was also pleasantly surprised with how clean the public changing rooms were. Dilapidated, in dire need of maintenance, but they were spotless.

Had a great walk along the almost deserted beach and headed home to a lovely braai with Mick and Debbie.

That was a good day.

* For those who want to know: The car is a 1991 VW Fox with almost 300,000 km (187,000 miles) on it.