hell week

My hell week was different from Ryan's! He started on Hell's Kitchen on Thursday, a wonderful career move.

My Hell week has found me in the nut house, preparing and packing 5,000 1oz bags of nuts for shipping this week. We have had to stick the labels on 3x5 zip bags, then fill them with the mix. Talk about mind numbing. But the end is near! We should get them finished today, or latest tomorrow and ship on Tuesday.

Then comes another order of 200 of the horrible little 3oz sample bags for the MTV Awards. Good exposure, with Annie as the celebrity. But oh, boy, this is not particularly what I signed up for.

But then end is in sight, counting the months and days til I leave here for Panama. I've started the Spanish cd's - but I did the first one in the car, driving to the warehouse. That's a mistake! I have to concentrate too hard, so driving becomes hazardous to me...and other drivers. So will carve out the 30 minutes a day at home. Keep myself and others safe!

Our gorgeous weather lasted for two days, and now we are back to dreary. This is soooo depressing. But one bright spark in the picture, is Janet is here for the weekend. We haven't seen her for 8 months. Living down Baja most of the time, and then over in Lake Chelan the other few months, we don't see her much any more. And I miss her.

We are all moving along different paths, some merging, some diverging. Sometimes it hurts as dear friends move on and away, and to me, it is so important to keep in contact, to keep those ties that strengthen. When I think of when I left home, it took months for a postcard to get to Mum for Fiji or wherever I was. Now, we just need the internet and we are in contact. It seems like even the remotest part of the world is accessible now. In that regard, we are so fortunate. But as the world grows smaller, families and friends get spread far and wide. A good thing I suppose, as we are able to keep in touch, but still, it would be nice if everyone was closer. So much of the personal contact is being lost into the ether.

Ah well, I think it's the crappy weather making me feel blue.

So to make things better, Susan, Janet and I went to T's down at Point Hudson on Friday evening to celebrate her being here for the weekend. We tried to sit outside but the wind was cutting, so ended up inside. We have so much catching up to do! She is coming to spend the night here tonight, so it's a pizza night as I am going to be packing nuts - what a surprise - all day. So will stop for Ferino's on the way home.

Roll on, Panama.