Happy Birthday to Me!

birthday 101 Just had a lovely morning at Umhlanga Rocks. Mick and Debbie took me to breakfast at the little restaurant on the boardwalk. Not the flashiest place, but right on the water, which is what I had asked for, for my birthday.

Then a nice, long walk on the beach. The water was a bit rough so we didn't swim but it was about 80F so walking along the edge of the surf was a pleasure.

I love the beach. It makes me feel so good, all those negative ions out there. If I lived closer, I would go every day and swim and walk. That has been the vision for me for years, so I just have to hold onto it and remember how I feel whenever I am there.

Mick took possession of my camera and we had a little photo shoot! Funny!

So now I am going to go do my nails with the great Aqua nail care set Mick and Debbie gave me. What a treat!