In the Grand Scheme of Things

IMG_2612 It's a busy few weeks as I get thing sorted out to leave here at the end of the month.

I always hate the packing, sorting, cleaning part of moving but I've been able to take my time with this move, doing a bit each day and have made excellent progress. Now it's down to "What do I do with all these pens (which work) that have been sitting in the jar next to my computer for what seems like years?" And getting rid of spices and things like that in the kitchen.

I've made numerous dump and Goodwill runs and taken Chris' leftover paints to hazardous waste removal. There could be a lot of plays on words there but I won't go there!

I'm fortunate in that the garage has lots of cupboards - which is now taken up with all my boxes of stuff! But really, in the grand scheme of things, I have very little STUFF!

Because my water machine is so big and takes up a lot of room in a suitcase, (I'm only allowed one on Air Tahiti Nui) I am getting rid of most of my clothes and will get new ones once I get to New Zealand. Fun shopping in my future! That will be just about my last trip to Port Townsend - returning Goodwill clothes to Goodwill!

And I have made good use of craigslist and freecycle - getting rid of a lot of stuff, being ruthless and saying sayonara - you be gone!

The Plan - At the Moment

My plan is to leave here on Nov. 2. Gretchen moves in the last week of October and we will make sure all the cats get along! She has one old lady who need insulin shots twice a day and who lives in her room and another young yellow kitty who will be introduced to my boys. We will be here to mediate!

On 6th I meet up with Betsy in Santa Ynes at Sedgwick Ranch where we will stay for six days - ostensibly to collaborate - and of course we will - but it's also extremely inexpensive! Jane is coming up to join us (we hope) for a day or two and then it is down to Studio City to Ryan for a few days before I hop on Air Tahiti Nui and head to Auckland! For an unknown time, although I do have a return ticket.

And then? Who knows? Mexico? Costa Rica? South Africa? Choices are endless...........

I did take a short trip to Hamilton, Montana, to see Cody, Mel and the two little boys. It's quite handy from here, just a day's drive. But it would be like moving from here - to here! Weather-wise. Of course, it would be great to be near Cody and the family but - I have to get out of this weather. It is not healthy for me.

The kitties know something is up but I think my plan is the best thing for them. Once I know where I will be settling, I will come back for them - and deal with car trips and flights then. For now, they will remain in a place they know, with someone who cares for them with as little disruption as possible.

They are what I will miss most. I will of course miss the view, the eagles, the ducks and otters, hummingbirds and kingfishers. And the changing seasons and colors of the trees.

But I will not miss the gray, the never ending gray and the cold and the damp. It's time for the SUN!