Gorgeous weather

Finally... Yesterday was beautiful and today is equally so. The crystal clear blue skies we get in the early summer, morning light golden on the new leaves across the water. A super high tide, water glassy with reflections. No complaints here ... except the water should be 30+ degrees warmer! Not too much longer to wait for that.

Veges are finally growing; it has taken weeks and weeks for them to start, the weather has been so awful and cold. The tulips are over, but some of the irises are out with more budding. The rhodies are just starting to flower - just in time for Rhody Week in Port Townsend. Hopefully the weather will hold for the parades and festivities.

Unfortunately, I have to be inside a lot of today as we are putting together 5000 little bags of nuts for a promotion. So we have to stick on the labels and then fill the little suckers. I have help, there is no way I could do it all myself! But I get paid, that's a new concept!

Editing is going well, although I won't be doing much this week, with all the nutty business, but it looks like it will serve me well when I am out of the country. I'm getting really excited about the move. Bill, a fellow I am corresponding with on Bocas, told me there are quite a few South Africans who have moved there and he will introduce me. So it won't be too traumatic to move there on my own. Still not sure if Susan will go at the same time. But I am pretty set on doing the language immersion for a few weeks. I think it is very important.

I am so proud of my sons. Ryan starts on Hell's Kitchen as Supervising Producer. Moving from American Idol and up the ladder. Next title I think is C0-Executive Producer. He has really worked hard, and continues to work hard at his career. And all that hard work is paying off.

And Cody! On his different path. An EMS and soon-t0-be firefighter! But that suits him. I never suspected a leaning towards this, but he is such a caring person, and so physical, this is perfect for him. Not to mention the financial rewards are much higher than carpentry production. Once he is a firefighter, he will have time to pursue his hobbies, his art and furniture making.

I am blessed. And when I go to Panama, I will miss them, but suspect I might see them more than I do now, when they come down on vacation.