Good news and well, ok it's not that bad

I went to the opthamologist this morning for a full eye exam because my vision has got so iffy in the last month since the "relapse" and so there is some good news. There has been no damage to the arteries or nerves from the high SED ( inflammatory count marker number in the blood) rate and muscles etc look fine. But my vision has deteriorated so I need glasses! Something I thought I would never need ( other than advanced youth reading glasses!) But the doc said that it could happen that when I get off the predinisone my eyesight might improve! But he doesn't count on it. He also says because of the prednisone, they won't rule out the temporal arteritis (giant cell arteritis) So it's back to "well, we don't know."

But I am relieved that there is not huge damage to my eyes and that it only takes glasses ( and a lot of money for the ones I like and sunglasses which are wishful thinking right now) to fix my vision. I should have the glasses in 10 days or so. Then I have to go back to see him in 2 months to see if there are any changes.

I'm working on getting all the travel guide stuff in order and scheduled - there are so many places, this should be a year long project but I will do the best I can! Wineries and b&b's and hotels and restaurants and driving tours and museums etc - wow! lots of fun! Very like doing the research for Country Life articles which I enjoy doing. Of course, the trips are wonderful too. Don't know how many Chris will be able to come with me on, but regardless, I'll be hitting the road again soon!