Go West

We have all been surprised at how cold it’s been. Wet, bitey cold. Definitely not what the brochure said. Too much like Washington weather.

Dinner at the Crab Claw on Sunday night was marginal, I was not impressed and neither was anyone else, really. Soft shell crab is not all it’s cracked up to be – in fact it was rather mushy. I learned that it would have been better to have them fried, not sautéd, and that we should have Maryann, Bob’s sister, cook them for us. And then the funny part – the restaurant doesn’t take credit cards and we all scrabbled around trying to gather enough cash together to pay the bill! Betsy said Donna (who invited us all) was mortified!

Monday, we went out to breakfast. Bobbie G treated us girls at the Carpenter Street (or C Street) restaurant. It’s an old place with lots of character. And the food is good too! Betsy and I both had crab omelets which were loaded with crab. By the time we finished breakfast, the skies had opened and of course, I didn’t have my foulie jacket. So we ducked in and out of stores before making a beeline for the boat.

Later, we went to the Environmental Concern facility for ecology.com. Betsy is writing an article about Poplar Island, which is an interesting project. The island has eroded over the years, so they are using the original footprint, and then using fill from the Baltimore Harbor to recreate the island. Environmental Concern worked with the state and other agencies and planted the first “cell” of native grasses in the wetlands. This island is now a bird sanctuary and is monitored closely.

The facility is quite large, with big greenhouses where they grow all the indigenous wetlands plants. We met with the young woman who runs the education side of things (something that I will work on for the kid section of the site) and with the woman in charge of the nursery. There are lovely wetlands and what they call a living shoreline, which is the way all shorelines now have to be protected. No more hard (or armored) shorelines.

On the way back to the boat, (rain had stopped) we popped into the local brewery and tried a “flight” of three of their beers. I’m not much of a beer drinker, so enjoyed one, but not the others so much. And we did a little window shopping. Didn’t buy anything but saw some cute things, very touristy.

I was feeling a bit wiped out so didn’t go to watch Monday night football. I knew I needed a bit of down time so was asleep by nine.

Tuesday morning – woke up to an almost clear sky. Beautiful colors so eased off the boat, hopefully not waking anyone else. Coffee in hand, I walked around the Museum. It’s 18 acres of history, an amazing place with hands on exhibits for grown ups! It was wonderful and I wish we were staying longer. Next time, but I will try not to come here when it is cold!

Bobbie was anxious to leave so we left by ten. The weather and wind were really good and we had a great sail. Of course, in a cat, it take a while to get anywhere if the wind is from the wrong direction, but we managed ok, and arrive here on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake, in a little place called Galesville. It looks like the entire town is marinas! After Bobbie expertly spun the boat and planted it next to the dock, we went for a walk. My legs are tired from bracing myself all day, I think.

I’m taking them to dinner at the restaurant on the dock this evening as a thank you for having me along.

Tomorrow, it’s back to Annapolis to give the boat back, then to Maryann’s. Thursday is the Annapolis Boat Show, then Friday we meet with Bob Petz from Ecology then Saturday get on a plane to the boys.