GHL is Almost Nine Years Old


Wow, I have been writing this Gray Haired Lady ( GHL ) blog for almost nine years! The first post, back in September of 2005 is about planning a trip to Nicaragua and how excited I was about it. Unfortunately, it was just after that, that I became ill so the trip was abandoned!

What a shame. And I have been trying to go south ever since then.

port ludlow house

A lot has changed since that early beginning; it started on blogger and I progressed to wordpress when it was pretty basic and now... this new site is pretty spiffy - at least I think it is.

Of course, my life was totally different then. I was married, we had just bought the cute house on the water in Bridgehaven, we were both working in real estate in Port Ludlow, WA. Now, I am single (again) my house in Bridgehaven is rented out, I am ungainfully unemployed (does that double negative create a job for me?) and staying with Susan and Dan in Colorado, a place I never expected to be spending any time.

So life throws us curveballs. And my life just keeps lobbing them at me!