Getting ready for the Big Trip to New Zealand

It never fails to amaze me how things pile up just before you leave on a trip. For weeks, things have been slow and boring, and I thought this is going to be a snap. Time to get the house and cats sorted out, gather documents needed, finish the articles I committed to do, etc etc. But all of a sudden things seem to escalate.

Along with the crummy weather that caused problems all over the area, and kept us inside (not that I want to go out much in the cold anyway.) But even the weather ate into my time when the Leader wanted storm pictures. So diehard that I am, donned my foulies and headed out. Fortunately for us, there wasn't a lot of damage in the area, just a lot of trees down and of course, the Hood Canal Bridge was closed to traffic because of the high winds. It opens to relieve the pressure caused by the wind and waves.

And another Leader article that had been hanging in the background needed to be completed so got that done yesterday. Actually, was quite proud of myself, listed a house in the morning and wrtoe the article in the afternoon. Now if only the newspaper paid decently, it would have been a VERY productive day.

With just a week before we leave for New Zealand, I am getting excited now! I started a New Zealand blog but think maybe I should just post to this one, as my "fans" as Betsy says, know this site. I will let everyone know that I will be posting regularly, along with photos on and for those who have trouble viewing the internet (Biff and Jules) I will email them.