Getting Close to Summer

raccoon The ubiquitous "they" are telling us that summer is going to start on 5th of July! It can't come soon enough as far as I am concerned! Here we are on the left top of the country barely getting out of the 60s and the other parts are sweltering with wild fires and freaky storms that kill people! I'm still wearing warm boots, fleece sweaters and have the heat on in the morning and evening.

Oh that's right - there is no climate change in the world.

The biggest news is that Chris is paying the rent he owes so as soon as the check arrives and clears, I will dismiss the small claims against him. He must have seen reason - a bit late but I suppose better late than never. I still have all his junk to deal with though, so will have to hire someone to take it all away.

Some of the paints and epoxies will go to Pat who has the boat which now lives down on Baja. The perfect place for a panga.

Janet was here on Saturday and we had a wonderful time. We sat at chatted for hours, drank too much gin but who cared! We didn't have to go anywhere except for a long walk on the sandspit on Sunday morning. She brought Blanco with her and I was concerned about the kitties, but he is such a mellow dog and used to cats, that we ended up with the kitties on the back of the couch and Blanco at our feet!

The coyotes haven't been around for a few days and I wondered what had happened but I think she has moved them to an expanded territory. We saw the Papa out on our walk, over in the wetland area a bit south of here. They will have plenty of food over there - ducks, frogs, insects.

The sad thing though, is the Canadian geese pair now have no babies. So someone got the last of them.

The otter family was out recently. Numerous babies and one-year-olds! They were fishing and having a lot of success! Later, what looked like the big male was on the dock, rolling around and using the rail as a scratching post! So funny. Next time I will do a video of him.

eBay is fun to do and I have had some success selling stuff. But I can see I will have to really focus on one category I think, to make it profitable. It's just there is so much stuff out there and finding something that people want - and is profitable - is a challenge. Electronics is the 'hot' category but the competition is fierce.

I need to do more research!