Garage Sale Weekend

It was a lot of work getting ready for this, but boy, was it worth it! It's amazing what people will buy - and amazing that I had it there, ready for them! I kept finding stuff in the the storage cupboards in the garage that Chris had left - bags and bags of steel wool, sandpaper of every different grit, hand tools and boxes and bottles of nuts, bolts and screws. And things like come-alongs - five of them. Cables and fasteners and just stuff. And people loved it. Of course, there was other stuff, typical garage sale things like excess kitchen tools, mugs and things.

Yesterday was the main day and lucky for me it dawned clear and sunny. I planned to open up at 9, so at about 8 ran the sign to the top of the road near the highway. A woman stopped, and said. "Can I follow you?" and there I was, hardly any coffee, no breakfast already open for business. I am so grateful to Janet and Susan who helped me out. Janet was there at 8 yesterday and I don't think I could have done it without her. She kept everything organized and as things sold, moved things around, staged stuff and generally was amazing. By 2pm, I was ready to close up shop, but people kept showing up, so I kept taking their money, and finally closed up around 3:30.

One of my neighbors bought one of the crab traps, and joking, I said, "Part of the deal is that you have to bring me a crab." Well, there I was across the street with a glass of wine, and he drove up and said, "I have your crab, two of them." How wonderful was that? So I rushed home and got the water on to boil, took the crab in the bucket down onto the dock, grabbed a back leg and slammed him against the dock (I learned that trick from an old fisherman years ago) then peeled off the carapace and cleaned it out. Then dispatched the second one. Popped them in the pot and 8 minutes later was on the deck with a nice chilled Chardonnay, drawn butter and a whole Dungeness crab. My kind of heaven.

Today I woke up to pouring rain and a howling gale, and thought how lucky I was to have started the sale yesterday. It began slowly, but the weather cleared and people came out. So though it wasn't as busy, Susan, who came down to help, and I did well. It is so helpful to have someone else there, and more fun too as we could laugh and joke about what was going on.

I met people, neighbors, who I had never seen before and we have been there for five years! Everyone wants to know where I am going, and most want to know if Hinckley if going too! As if I would leave my boys behind, but he is such the community cat, people are going to miss him.

With business much slower, Susan and I decided to take in a movie, so I drove up to Port Townsend and we went to the matinee of Julie and Julia! What fun that was. So lighthearted and funny, just what the doctor ordered. It also made me inspired again to cook. But I find it very boring to just cook for myself. I love to cook for others, to share the joys of a successful creation and even the flops, resorting to a tuna sandwich when the chef's results are dismal.

The house feels gone or moved out to the garage. The boys know something is up and are staying close to home. It's time for me to move on, and I know the person who is just the right renter is just around the corner.