Yesterday was fun! I mentioned that I was helping Ryan and friends on a scavenger hunt. They were in Los Angeles/Hollywood in a navigation-equipped car, cell phones, cameras etc, and I was on the ground here in the Pacific Northwest, on the internet, helping them find things! What a kick!

I know Cameron, one of Ryan's friends, but didn't know the other two, Jesse and John but met them on the phone. And then it started! The first question I got was - who makes small condoms? This coming from Jesse! Now picture this! Here I am, the gray hair at the keyboard, and here are these harem scarem young men calling me to find out about condoms! "We're at Rite Aid, and all there are, are extra large and jumbo!" So off I go, and find that they really don't call them "small" - after all, what man is going to admit that he is not well-endowed! The advertising claims they have a "snugger" fit!! I did find a make and told them the color of the wrapper but they probably had to go to an adult store to find them!

Then we looked for the address where Sharon Tate was murdered, and the last restaurant she ate at, They had to take pictures of all these places as proof! So the afternoon was spent tracking down jock straps, golf tees, badminton birdies, restaurants that have gone out of business and Jim Morrison's favorite night club!

The team didn't win, but they sure had a good time - Ryan said at about 8 last night that they were exhausted! It's an annual event so I think they will plan a bit more for next year, now they know what to expect.

It felt good to be doing something - it's been almost a month now since I was involved in anything. Most of the time when I was really ill, is just sort of a misty memory of sitting in the recliner, trying to survive. There are no real memories of anything happening, it's just time that went by. Now I am coming alive again and it feels good.

I hope the lower dose of prednisone is doing what it's supposed to do because today I looked at myself and noticed that my face is a bit puffy! One of the side effects. So I will have to figure out how to handle that - more water to flush the system? And my hands are puffy too.