Just when you think things are moving along well, something falls apart!
The site was going along nicely, with tweaks and adding APIs. Then there were no orders and I thought, ok people are just not buying right now. But after a couple of days, I thought this is weird and asked the IT guys to check it. No, they said, it appears to be working fine. Well, I didn't think so, so went in and placed an order, and what do you know, the shopping cart wasn't working!
So contact IT again, no, it should be working. No it's NOT! So two days of checking and finally they got part of it working again. But wouldn't you know, a different part is not working properly now.
Sheesh, it seems like every time I get things stable, something breaks, and then it's like a cascading effect, one thing leads to another. Oh well, I just have to keep on it, every day, checking, checking, emailing. skypeing. But I think I might need to consider putting them on retainer!
And another frustration - I had a phone appointment set up with Dr. Jadin in South Africa for 7 am - so I called, right on time and got the answering machine. They supposedly don't close til 5:30 their time, and it was 5. So I waited a few minutes and called again and the doc picked up. Now, she has a very strong French accent so is difficult to understand anyway, but then the confusion of her not knowing I had scheduled a consult, and her not having my file with her... so now I have to wait for an email from her. Third world country receptionist obviously didn't tell her about it. Lucky for me I have a calling card for cheap minutes. But at least I have checked in and can get the next round of antibiotics, I hope.
Yoga was wonderful this morning, again a beautiful morning with sun streaming in through the high windows of the gym. This time we were facing away from the direct sun but it filled the room with such a warmth. Amy, our instructor, keeps adding new poses and boy, the last one of the day was a lulu! I don't know what it is called, but I could barely get close to what it was supposed to be! And what a workout. Sweet, as they say.
Today I got my Philosopher's Notes which are short takes - 6 pages and a 20 minute video - of 100 of the best books from the last 100 years or so. So now, instead of reading the whole book, there is a synopsis of all the main points! Very cool - the first one I read was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, which I read a long time ago - and thought I still had but don't. So now will be able to gather all the wisdom from them in my lifetime :)
The Domestication
Of humans.

1st Agreement:
Be impeccable with your word.

2nd Agreement:
Don’t take anything personally.

3rd Agreement:
Don’t make assumptions.

4th Agreement:
Always do your best.

The First Step
Toward freedom.

We Stop Ourselves
Let’s not blame others.

Breaking Domestication

Makes the master.