Front Page in Color

Writing for the local paper is a lot of fun - what they pay me doesn't even cover my gas expenses! But I get a real kick out of doing it and especially when it ends up on the front page! The people in the picture are neighbors.

What I also know is that I only want to write about things and events that are important in my life. The recycled houses helped Janet, the Etchells sailing was all about Chris' friends and what he does, and then this latest is about our area. I want to just write about things and people that need the exposure, and that I believe in, otherwise I really don't seem to be able to put my heart into them. The Dockside articles are hard to do because I am not that interested!

The article is all about our area down here where the marina and canal are silting up and pretty soon the mouth will completely close off. The Army Corps of Engineers is the government agency holding everything up - and to think, we pay their salaries. But to talk to them, you'd never know it.

Today I am going to learn how to kayak - it's an introductory deal, to find out if I like it. I'd rather do that than spend a whole lot of money on an expensive little boat and the right - read waterproof - clothes and find out that I don't like doing it. Fortunately, the weather is gorgeous and actually warm, so timing is perfect.