IMG_0428Through several iterations of lawyer communications - or lack of - I got a call yesterday. "In general, we accept your offer," not that I knew I made an offer! I said what would work for me and that is, "Here, you a'hole take them and good luck." So I am basically walking away from the two rental properties and he can have them. But as he is so useless doing anything logical, I just have no idea what he will accomplish. But it will be off my plate and he can handle it. Of course, I had some stipulations attached, and I have yet to see anything in writing, but ... On a much more fun note, Betsy arrived a few days ago and we have been making little forays out into the worls, but also getting a lot of work done. And tomorrow we head up to Victoria to do a "Women gone shopping" article. We take the early morning ferry to Victoria and will be staying at a really nice hotel - the Magnolia - in the heart of Victoria, where we have a room, will be given a tour and hosted to cocktails and tapas at the new restaurant there. For lunch, we will visit a restaurant we recently ran an article about so they have offered us a complimentary meal! Nice. We'll leave our credit cards at the hotel and go shopping! Instead of buying anything, we will "steal" lots of pictures and pretend!

On Monday, we had a wonderful beach picnic with Janet and all the friends who have gathered at North Beach over the years! Everyone just brings whatever they feel like making and it always works out wonderfully well. We were blessed with gorgeous weather and with it being so close to the summer solstice, it doesn't get dark until after 9!

P1050072Janet and I have been friends now for 26 years and over the past few years, have developed a really close friendship and I really miss her when she is gone to Mexico over the winter. She had a similar upbringing but in Canada, and like Rosemary, even when I haven't seen her for ages, there is not gap in the conversation; it's like we were never apart - days, months, years never make any difference!

And last night, we went to the Ajax Cafe again to hear Jim on drums! This time, Mardelle wasn't there, but Susan and Dan, Pam and Betsy and I were his "groupies." And it was a lot of fun - good food, good drinks, good company (not necessarily in that order) but poor service! But that can be overlooked to a certain degree when the rest of the evening is so much fun!

Today was a work day - but we also set the alarm to go for a walk and to the store to buy our future - lottery tickets! Three different kinds so tomorrow morning we will wake up wealthy women!

OK, we are wealthy ... in friends, family, occupations, locations etc ... but the $$$$$$ wouldn't hurt! [nggallery id=1]