Flight mess

Spent the night in a tacky motel near Seatac airport. Guess I was lucky as this was pretty much the last room in all Seattle, I think. From the sounds outside, this very early morning, it might mean that things are thawing out a bit. Cars are sounding really squishy and wet - a good sound but until I am in the air and heading south, am not believing anything.

It all started on Wednesday when this weather front moved in and Alaska air recommended changing my flight as they anticipated flight  delays. My flight was to leave at 6 pm for Burbank so changed it to Thursday and booked the airport shuttle as well to pick me up at the top of the road, instead of having Chris battle icy roads  and conditions.

Delaying departure one day actually took some of the load off and I managed to get everything done and sorted. Chris put chains on his car so we could actually get out of the driveway and to the shuttle pickup point.

Thursday morning, snowing like crazy, 24F and nasty but we got to the pickup point and waited, engine running, heater on. Finally it arrived, and after an uneventful two hour drive, arrived at the airport. Because I was so early, I had to sit around for a while, with TV crews taking pictures of the flight boards showing masses of canceled flights. By this time, I am having severe misgivings and wondering if my flight will actually leave. When I checked my bags in, the guy said, "looks like they might be late," not they aren't going. So eternally hopeful, went to get something to eat and of course, in the middle of chatting to Susan on my iPad, the alert comes through that the flight is canceled!


Susan, bless her buttons, immediately got online and found me just about the last available room in Seattle (more on that in a bit) while I tried to get hold of the airline to rebook. Eventually, after an interminable wait, I was able to reach them. "Is there another airport you can fly in to?" and I said anywhere in Southern California! "We have one seat left of the first flight out tomorrow morning to Los Angeles." "SOLD."

The motel has got to be the tackiest I have ever stayed in! And it smelled of something like Lysol! Ick! There was a tiny wall heater that basically did no good at all. There was no reading lamp, just a dim overhead light. No plugs to charge my computer. The bed had one thin blanket and one of those satin quilted covers that have no warmth in them. I managed to scrounge another blanket from the office, but with no robe or any clothes other than what I was wearing, decided to simply take my shoes off and sleep in what I had on. It was noisy all night long, with people walking back and forth and a main road barely fifty feet from my door.

I woke up at around 3:30 and eventually got up an hour later and decided to go to the office to wait for the shuttle at 5:30, as it was warmer in there. Although it didn't feel much warmer, the ice appeared to be melting a bit and then we heard a plane overhead, the first one! I was jazzed!

I hadn't received any alerts and the board at the airport showed "On Time." I checked in to find out if my bags would be making it onto my flight, but no one knew so I got on the plane not knowing if the bags were going to LAX or to the original Burbank destination. We finally left an hour late - after de-icing and loading stand-by passengers on and juggling seats.

Ryan was there to pick me up and we check for my baggage. "It's in Burbank." OK, that works, I drop Ryan off at work and head to Burbank. "Oh no, we don't have your bags. They might come in on this evening's flight as there are a lot of bags waiting to be shipped from Seattle."

Another "Damn."

By now I would have killed for a toothbrush (the motel wasn't the kind that had little cards saying, "If you've forgotten anything, we will be happy to supply it.") so stopped at Target and bought a pair of pants, a shirt, panties, toothbrush etc and headed to Ryan's, ready for a shower and a relax!

Tomorrow it might rain, but I think we will meet Cody and family at Travel Town. If it rains, we'll figure something else out. Now I need to get on the freeway and go fetch Ryan from work. Love that LA traffic!