First of the season

We lost power for almost eight hours yesterday - not a good omen for the upcoming winter! Fortunately it was during the day but as it dragged on, I found the camp lantern and the heavy-duty candles. I also realized I better get some wood, as the past few winters, we have had all the off cuts from Chris building the boat. But now I have none! Not that I use the wood stove much but it sure comes in handy in this situation. Luckily, the outage ended before dark, but the temperature had really dropped fast and I was thinking I would go cuddle up in bed with a book and a lantern! And two live feet warmers - Hinckley and Buddy! 

This morning it is windy windy windy again with clear skies and a full moon just going over the top of the trees. It was so light this morning when I woke up, I thought I had overslept!

Day 5 of this the 5th round of antibiotics and it's an easy one. No side effects at all. I changed the water flow rate in the Kangen water machine so I think I am getting more anti-oxidants and for the past two days have been feeling so much better. I can actually work, operate all day without getting tired! I am going to get Jim to measure the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of both waters so I can see if what I did actually does produce more.  Reminder to self: take water samples to demonstration on Tuesday :)