Fire the Boss

"They" are always saying, "Fire the Boss" and get a life.

Well, I did, on Friday. The magazine is now a check mark in my history, and flaky people a thing of the past! Of course, it would be nice to have something solid to fill the gap, but I can only trust that the opportunities lining up will do that.

I just got so tired of fighting for money, which it turns out he actually had sent but hadn't endorsed, so it couldn't be deposited, and always hearing excuses for things not done, or promised. I felt such relief when I told him, and knew that I wouldn't have to deal with him any more, like a weight was lifted. Whew!

So now it is time to get things done, without that stress hanging over me, and pack things up, have a garage sale, get rid of just about everything, and move south. I spent part of yesterday getting things ready for the garage sale and still have a lot to do that end.

Ryan is back from New York where he was shooting a pilot so hopefully we can get things started for the nut biz - which I can start from there. And I am also working on the Kangen water biz. (This is Jim Gilliland's site.) The more I drink it and the more I hear about it, the more I am convinced that it is almost the fountain of youth. It is helping so many people! I really would like to find a way to get one to Mick and Debbie as I think it would really help. Today I will take 5 gallons to Janet who has started drinking it, as has Susan.

Tomorrow is the fourth round of antibiotics. I have been feeling so-so but probably now the magazine stress is gone, will feel better. Weather has been good too, so that helps. And that has helped my tomatoes! When I got back, I had a huge load to pick which I sliced and slow roasted (5 hours) with garlic and olive oil. And yesterday picked another load and there are masses of green ones still there.

There is a chill in the air now, and the light is changing. Some trees are starting to turn and annuals dying back. So I have to get a move on and get the hell out of here before it really gets cold.