Finding my cheekbones

I've been lazy and haven't been posting too regularly. Seems like I have been quite busy which of course, is good.

Good things this week, though. The most important being my visit to the doctor for my monthly check up. I did the blood tests last week and Dr Lynn said they are "very pretty." Which translates to everything is back to normal. It doesn't mean I can get off the prednisone yet, but the dose has been reduced to 7.5mg. And after two days on the lower dose, I noticed some of the bloating is disappearing and you can almost see my cheekbones again! In fact, I got two comments from people about how good I looked and that I had lost weight! I hadn't noticed and rushed to the mirror and did see some improvement. Very encouraging. And now I feel more inclined to walk and have been doing that every day, about two miles.

The weather helps too. We've had some gorgeous days, with temps into the high 50's but today They are forecasting rain again for the next 10 days or so! But I did get some planting done and bought two alstroemeria and will get those in the ground today after work.

This is what the kitties do when they're bored!

Just started on the Senior Sailor story - need a couple more quotes and then can g
et it to Greta next week. I'm also doing a column for Dockside on used boats! So have to have that to him by the end of next week. Short little blurbs of 400 words - three a month and I just use the internet and get a quick quote from a boat dealer. Slam dunk.

So life goes on - not feeling very philosophical at the moment - sort of just going along, but reading a lot about gratitude and forgiveness. Maybe a subject for a post in the next few days.