Finding a voice

Today was all about I need to convert some of the pretty dense articles into readable, kid-friendly stuff. At first, I thought I would be able to edit them down to a manageable length and lighten them up a bit. But that didn't work!

So I decided the best thing to do is to start from scratch. Research the subject, using the article as a reference point, plus the numerous other articles on the web, then write from there. I normally write pretty simply, but writing for kids is a whole different game. I'm getting it though. It might take me three or four drafts before I am happy with it.

Today's project is all about bird migration and the affect of global warming, logging and urban sprawl on the birds' lives, giving an indication of the impact on the planet. Pretty interesting stuff.

Talking about global warming? Well, it's global cooling in the Pacific Northwest! It is raining again and the weather people just cannot get it right. It was supposed to be in the low 70's today and partly sunny. It hasn't been over 60 and not a hint of sun.