Farmers Market

One thing that is different - it starts at 6AM!

Biff banged on my door at 5:30 and off we went in the 1983 Mercedes 200, with Roxy in the back. It was still dark but the light was just coming in, the sky brightening and the clouds turning pink. There were already people there when we arrived and the vendors were just setting up stands. And boy, there are a lot more than when I was here last.

But what a social event it is. Even though he wasn't planning on buying anything than biltong (South African jerky, but soooo much better than the American kind) he still takes his basket (that I gave him years ago) just for show! First thing he did was make a beeline for the tent and get a table and chairs. We were the first to arrive, then Paul and Geraldine and Colin and various others who make this a weekly event. And then, the first cup of Assagay Coffee. I did an article on them for Country Life and the coffee is still just as good.

As it got lighter, I started the rounds and there is a real selection of stuff now, with quite a lot of organic produce
and meat, and almost everything there was local. Produce ranged from paw paws (papayas) and grapes to beets and lettuce, organic lemons and lemonade and everything in between.

We of course had to eat so I had what is called a gorilla! It's basically an open face grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. Last time I was there, we had a choice of bacon and egg rolls and bacon and egg rolls! Now there are omelettes and crepes, the gorillas and samoosas and chilibites. I bought samoosas for lunch - can't pass them up.

By 8 the place was jammed, kids,dogs, old, young, black and white all enjoying a wonderful market, even though it clouded over and there is a chance of some rain.

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