Far South

Decision made. It's been a rough couple of weeks deciding what the best move would be, for me.

A couple of deciding factors. One, it's high season in Panama and I am concerned that once there, I wouldn't be able to find a rental. And as I will have, by then, sold my car, everything here, I really would have nothing to come back to. It would be like starting all over and it is way too expensive to do that here.

The other factor is the comfort zone as far as working goes. My work at ecology.com is expanding, which of course means more hours. If I was in a new country, I would be so tempted to be out and about more, exploring, instead of working. In South Africa, I won't have that pressure on me. I need to work and make the money. I don't have the luxury of being retired. But I don't plan on spending all my time working. All work, no play etc etc! No more dull days and years for this girl!

And of course, going to SA is going home for me. As I am giving up my home here in the States, it feels like a safer stepping stone for me. Once there, I can also adjust to the heat which I have to find out if I can still handle. Supposedly one of the issues with my supposed affliction - inability to handle heat. That would be a real shame!

Once I have settled into the idea of being a rolling stone again, probably towards the middle of next year, I will decide where to go.

The time frame is still October. I am planning to go to SoCal and spend time with Ryan and Cody and family before heading out. I also would like to meet the people I am working with in Carpinteria so hope I can do that too.

So I have really started to get my stuff together, discarding and packing for storage the few things I will save, like my beautiful woven baskets, all my photos from eons ago. Things I just cannot give up. Sorting through the things I need to take with me, like the small "world phone" I had when I went to New Zealand and important papers. Most of the really important ones I will leave with Ryan.

Not sure which route to take. Depends on the fares, but I prefer to fly Malaysia Air. That way I can break my flight in Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully they still have the same setup, where the layover is something like 18 hours and they put you up in an hotel so you can get some sleep, a shower etc. Makes a huge difference. I don't think I will take the four day detour to Langkawi, though that would be fun!

Oh, and mymixednuts is dead. Sad. I am selling off all the inventory this Saturday and Sunday. The lease on the warehouse is up next week so it is done. A relief but sad because I put so much of myself into it.