Exciting times

So we are almost into May. That gives me six months before I head south, wa-a-a-a-y south! I probably could actually just walk out of here right now and be gone, but I prefer to at least make some preparations. The main thing I want to do is to get some basic Spanish into my vocabulary and then, once in Panama, do a three-week immersion. Maybe live with a family and go to classes, or find a place to stay and go to classes. Knowing the language will make a huge difference in how I experience the country and culture.

It's not even remotely likely that I will live in an ex-pat community. For one thing, it will be too expensive, and another thing, it would be like moving to another part of the US, and why go all that way south if you can go down the block and live with a bunch of Americans? Not me, thank you.

So I have research to do for the language thing.

And I have contacted a friend of a friend who has a house down in Bocas del Toro to get information from him, and any tips on finding a place to live/rent etc. I think I met him a long time ago, but don't remember him at all. So that is a start.

The editing job is turning out well. It is quite simple and actually fun as some of the article subjects are really weird! Like how to find out the sex of a turtle! I think that is the oddest one I have done. And if you want to know how, you turn them upside down, and the shape of their underbody shell is different, sort of like a crab - female is wide, male is narrow.

It is still really cold. Susan said she could see a light dusting of snow on the foothills this morning and it was only 36F when I got up. But the sun is out and it will warm up to a whopping 50 today. My veges are planted out and actually looking quite happy. I still need to get some brussels sprout seedlings. The kitties have been banished and they are not happy. The lovely soft soil was too attractive so I criss crossed the beds with bamboo sticks so there is nowhere for them to dig now. I think Buddy growled at me.