Excitement on the (Horse) Farm

Here I was, minding my own business on the veranda, enjoying the day, searching the internet for jobs, when I heard this funny noise coming from the aloe garden area. Got up and looked around the corner and there were 10 horses of various colors, grazing on the grass! Well! I'm not a horse person but I knew I better keep them out of the vege garden before finding out who they belong to! I thought for sure someone would come calling from the road, but no!

I'm out there, trying to keep them from wandering into the garden in front, standing guard, never showing fear! They actually were very friendly, and very pretty! And thinking - what the hell am I going to do about this?

Hmm, I thought. I know the neighbors have a donkey but not horses! So I called Mick - no answer. Called Debbie - no answer. Texted Debbie - and a response. Oh joy! Find Bheki the gardener from next door and tell him the horses are out!

Great consternation over there. Which gate was left open? Who left the gate open? Why was the gate open?

So Bheki comes rushing over and starts shooing them out and they took off into the open field and galloped around with him chasing and waving his arms! Finally, they all headed for the wide-open gate (which no one knows how it was opened - or no one is saying) and they returned home.

Not really home. Mick says Van has various horses come daily to graze - so I guess it's horsey day care!