Everyday Life

The last couple of days have been quiet and relaxing. Hanging around the house and working on the new site getting it ready to send out. Take a look, sign up and give me your critique. I'll be adding content continually.

Today we went to a Canon camera Road Show at the Sibaya Casino just north of Durban. It was pretty interesting and there were a lot of people there. They gave away a goodie bag with a very cool Canon vest and other odds and ends and talked about the newest Canon DSLR 500D that does video as well. Wow - I was drooling. But at least I know I am on the right track as far as video goes - it is something every photographer needs to know. So it's on my list. Canon provided a lunch as well and one of the speakers gave lots of tips for post production in photoshop - also gave us the cd with the info. So I am getting excited about shooting again, even though my camera is not behaving very well and needs servicing. But I think it will survive until I get back to the States.

Tomorrow we go to Baynesfield for a local fair, I guess you can call it. And then I am going to Biff (oldest brother) for a few days. In the meantime Debbie is sorting out an appointment with the tropical disease specialist - whether I need to go to Johannesburg to see her first, or have the blood tests here in Durban and then see her.