Every Day is a Better Day

Every day I get better! It is such a relief to know that I am getting well again. I really am NOT cut out to be an invalid or sick at all! I'm still dragging and get very tired, very quickly. In fact, yesterday I was looking forward to going to Port Townsend and having coffee with Susan and Janet but by midday the idea of getting in the car, driving 40 minutes, spending and hour or so at the cafe and then driving back another 40 minutes was just too daunting.

So I asked them to come down here! And we had a wonderful visit, full of laughter in the clean house (Camas came and cleaned from top to bottom - what a treat!) We talked about how we, as baby boomers are leading the way to new ideas and ways of living that our parents never thought about - they didn't have a clue! All three of us are contstantly looking for ways to make our lives better and more meaningful - after all, when you look at life expectancy rates now, we have whole new life spans ahead of us and who the hell wants to "retire"? As the little saying goes -"I'm rewinding, not winding down." There are so many things we could do - once we let our imaginations run wild we came up with all sorts of things! Things that are fun!

Dr Griffis called yesterday - he leaves his temporary position on Wednesday and I am sad to see him go. He sounded a bit sceptical about the diagnosis but agrees that we must stay with what they have found so far. By reading everything I can find and sort of piecing things together, it does make sense - the part that is baffling is the pain I initially experienced in my chest. But I have found indications that the giant cell is not confined to the temporal artery and that the swelling and inflammation they found around the aorta during the CT scan, could be related and that would account for the pain. But I'm not going to guess about anything. For now, it's all about getting strong again and managing what's in front of me. So I ordered calcium and Omega-3 and artheritis anti-inflammatory stuff for me and Chris who has arthritis in his shoulders. It comes from New Zealand and is supposedly extremely pure. The fish oil is specially processed so there is no mercury or any other nasty stuff. It should all arrive in a few days.

And of course, I will start walking. I find that if I exert myself much, I get a headache, so have to work into this slowly. A new thing for me who usually dives in head first. Must be a lesson here!