end of hell week(s)

That was a marathon! Twelve back-to-back days of nuts and packing and shipping. Finally sent off the last batch yesterday - pushed to get it done so I wouldn't have to go in today.  I don't think I could have faced it. rain wet iris

Today I crashed.

Sat around and did nothing with Josh Groban Radio playing on Pandora. Watched a movie about Panama that didn't show a lot but was totally mind-numbing.  It poured on and off all day, sometimes hail, but mostly downpours.

My irises are struggling but this beauty made it. The blue and yellow ones are trying to come out, and expect in the next couple of days they will prevail.

Picked lovely fresh lettuce for dinner. All wet and clean from the rain. My veges patches are trying to produce, but really, this weather is just so cold that not much is growing at all. I suppose that getting fresh lettuce like this won't be an option in Panama - it will be too hot but I remember growing up in South Africa, we had lettuce so maybe there are varieties that grow in the heat.

I am so looking forward to being warm, going barefoot and swimming. This dark, gray, dank weather is too much for me, although I am taking 1500IU Vit D3 to help counteract the weather effects.

There has been no time for me to do any Panama planning - all I could do was look at pictures on the Internet and keep dreaming. Didn't even have time to do any editing - it was strictly nuts and more nuts - but I am still sane - maybe not in others' minds but in mine :)

Farmers Market tomorrow and then get back into a normal routing - and only a few nuts in the mix.