So today is supposedly the first deadline for the site but we are just a bit behind, which is ok, as the other stuff, like business entity, bank account etc is still in limbo, waiting for filing papers etc. I just hope we don't miss the Christmas season! 

This really is quite a learning experience, and quite daunting at times. Every time I turn around it seems there is something else that needs to be done, or bought or applied for. But once I have been through the whole process, from inception to shipping the first bag, I think I will be able to handle any internet startup business like this. It really is amazing what is required! 

You think OK, I need a bank account, and a merchant account. Then you think, well it needs to be secure so register for verisign ($$$) and oh, what about a gateway? More $$$. Then what about liability insurance, Ryan asked? Hmm, hadn't thought of that one! And on the strictly practical side of things, like the packing, what do I need? Not having actually packed a bag of nuts, I have to imagine what it takes from start to finish, so from the time the bulk goods arrive (inventory) to the time they are shipped, (inventory again) what does it take? I think I have been through the process a million times in my head and have a good idea, but until I actually do it, which I can't until the funds are set up so I can buy the scales, boxes, bags etc, the ideas are going to have to remain in my head.

On the other side, the garage is almost ready, a little more painting and weatherstripping around the garage door, and it will be ready. That has been a huge project, and I am really grateful Susan came down to help last weekend to get the main stuff done. Otherwise I would still have a huge amount to do.

We have had some lovely weather but that ended last night with a howling gale and torrential downpours. The kitties are not impressed, sitting in the sunroom door, watching the rain. MY weather station is working well, but I think I will eventually have to mount the anemometer on the dock piling as I don't think it is getting the full force of the wind where it is. It will take some doing, and I have to think about how to mount it as the piling is a bit punky at the top. It might have to wait until spring, but we'll see. Maybe I don't want to know how hard the wind is actually blowing!

On day six of the latest round of antibiotics and it has not been a good week. They make me nauseous and I haven't been sleeping that well. And I really notice how not enough sleep affects my entire outlook! So I will be glad when this round is over and I get back to normal. 

Oh, and here's the link to the little fun thing I am doing, The Goodwill Apparel Challenge