Day Tripping

The weather is gorgeous!

For a change! What a difference sunshine makes! It lifts the soul and makes one want to smile! Feel optimistic and believe the best of everyone!

So today is Sunday and we don't have anything scheduled and Chris suggested a drive to the beach. This is not a 15 minute jaunt we're talking about - this is a serious commitment of a whole day!

The beach he is talking about is Hobuck Beach, out past Neah Bay on the far northwestern shore of the United States. In fact, Cape Flattery just to the north is the northwesternmost point of the US.

But because the day is so beautiful and I have nothing planned, we loaded up the igloo with chicken and macaroni salad and apples and carrots and dip and a couple of beers and headed out.

But not before our neighbor, Bruce told us that Hinckley and Harley are eyeing a couple of birds that are nesting close to our fence, and would we be ok if he put some nails in the fence top to stop them sitting there, salivating! Of course we agreed - I would hate my kitties to be killers!

So we drove out through Port Angeles to Sappho and then to Clallam Bay and on to Neah Bay and the S'Klallam Indian Reservation. Watching cars going by with surfboards strapped to the roof racks. Through that settlement and out to the beach. The trees are all budding out and where before everything seemed dull and gray, today the colors jumped out at you. Where there were icicles clinging to the cliffs, today there were waterfalls.

What a beach - I was there before on my last trip out to Forks in the middle of winter. Today the sun was out in full force - I actually got some color! In the parking lot, we met a couple of guys who had just come in and they were totally stoked! They had been surfing for three hours and were pooped! It's a shore break but they filled us in on where all the surf spots are. And even though the water is freezing they say they surf year round. The one guy had polypro underwear under his 6.5mm wet suit, booties, hoodie, gloves the whole shebang.

Of course, this got Chris thinking he should be surfing again - but we will wait and see...