Day at a Time

petunias at the farmers marketI've made my way through the dirt and trash and the house is back to normal. Clean and uncluttered. After the shocker on Friday of finding the house and kitties abandoned, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday cleaning the house, mowing and weed eating the yard, and today clearing out the sunroom and breezway, so it all feels a lot better.

There will be a couple of runs to the dump, too. Just taking a day at a time.

The garage was still filled with Chris' junk and boxes of stuff that I don't have a clue if he wants. There are clothes and books - his mother's cook books which I know he cherishes. But if he doesn't come and get everything within 30 days, it all gets dumped. I hauled out all the epoxy, paint, fillers etc and loaded it all into boxes and bags. Randomly. But I'll be damned if I have to do the hazardous waste thing again like I had to when he did this before and ran away to Florida.

1012 coffee barThe weather has been (up til today) gorgeous and Susan and I went to the Farmers Market in Port Townsend which is always fun. And coffee at 1012 Coffee Bar.

So I have to make some decisions soon. But there are some choices.

1. I can stay here for the summer, save some cash then let the bank take the house back. There is no equity in it and I doubt if it will ever get back up to the pre-crash value.

2. I can rent it out. I would need to do some work on the place (some that Chris had said he would do) spending time and money. It would go through a property manager (Susan) and it would just tick over. It would mean finding a place for me and my kitties - somewhere.

3. I can find out about putting this up as a vacation rental for the summer. Probably not too many repairs required for that, but finding someone to take care of it might be a challenge. They also charge a lot to manage the places. But worth looking into. But again, me and the kitties would need a place to stay.

4. I can just walk away, taking the kitties and hope for the best.

In all these scenarios I will need a car. And money.

Anyway, the kitties are happy I'm here but am spending the nights up at Susan and Dan's until the beginning of the month. Although Chris is gone and I haven't heard a word or got any sort of acknowledgement or ANYTHING, I don't want him to have any leverage, saying I have moved in or anything. I am simply here as the landlord to clean up his crap.

Friends who know what happened are absolutely floored. No one can understand the spin out. So illogical, with no thought. His way or no way. True alcoholic thinking.

But today, I feel surprisingly good and positive about this whole mess. I have so many friends and family who care about me - how can I be down?