Day 3 Road Trip

I slept really badly – so am up extremely early to do this. Stumbled around in the dark to find things and have no slippers and my feet are freezing. I figured no one else would be awake so came downstairs in the B&B and made myself some tea. The sun is rising and the sky is a brilliant orange. Mountain silhouettes and sparkling lights at their bases. The channel markers are flashing red and green guiding the fishing boats out to sea. There is a rather large bank of clouds to the east which might meanour good weather is gone – or going soon. This area apparently is a bird watcher paradise – and there are a lot scooting around this early. Of course, I should have brought a bird book and binos and they would all have been “lifers.”

So to continue with yesterday, we went back to the Shelburne to meet with David and Laurie the owners. We ended up in one of the un-occupied suites, talking for a couple of hours. David brought in his special pate and a wonderful bottle of wine and we gabbed – not much about what I was there for – but the world in general. Laurie is reading a book called the Flat earth (I must check that) – it is the same book that Bob Montgomery recommended to Chris so as I always say, there are no coincidences so we will have to buy it.

I had told Michael and Nancy that we would come back for Jazz night later that evening but I was really tired so we came back to the house. I decided to try out the Jacuzzi tub –oooh that was nice! Relaxing and warming! You’d think that it would have helped me sleep through the night.