Day 2 of a Short Road Trip

After sleeping so well, I was downstairs for an early breakfast with the fishermen who had spent the night. Bill was busy cooking - he had been up since 4:15. Ohh, the life of an Innkeeper. Reminded me of my days as a charter cook. Lots and lots of work and long hours. But he and Susan seem to love it.

Breakfast was a very fancy french toast and lots of coffee and conversation. Bill hooked me up with Rachel from the Misty Valley B&B and she came and picked me up to go see it. She's a home economics teacher at the local school and another cheerleader. She's another big lady - both in stature and personality! So it was interesting and her place is totally different from the Miller Tree Inn.

I also got hold of Ed out at Manitou Lodge and set up to meet him. So said goodbye to Susan and Bill, and went off to see Diane briefly, then off to Manitou. Again, a totally different set up. This is much more Northwesty, lots of cedar and hand crafted headboards that Ed makes himself. The trim around the doors is made from wood off the property - really cool. There was a journalist from the Seattle Times staying there - Maria - a young woman who seemed to be enjoying herself so chatted with her briefly before heading out to the Quillayute River Resort which I think is going to become very popular. It's an old motel, that a couple from Hansville have taken over. They have kept the 60's flavor but these are little self-contained units that sit right on the river. Each one has a nice little living area and separate bedroom, some with hideabeds, others with fold out sleeper arrangements. Nice! They are about my age, and after their daughter died at 21 for no apparent reason, they re-assessed their lives and decided to take on this project. I say good for them!

I had to make a decision - it was about 1 - I could go out to Neah Bay or go home. The weather was still freezing but clear and sunny. And I wasn't tired - after all, I'd had a great night's sleep! So opted for Neah Bay. It's a long drive out there. The water ooozing out of the banks alongside the road had turned into icicles - and no, I did not get out and take pix, it was too damn cold! The road winds along the coast and it was so clear, it felt like I could reach out and touch Vancouver Island! The Straits were really whipped up and surf crashed on the shore. It was also blowing like hell, and I was a little concerned about trees falling. There were several places that had washed out from the last storm and the road was down to one lane. But got through ok and decided to stop at the Makah tribal center museum.

It's a great little museum, with artifacts from Ozette a Makah village partially buried by a mudslide nearly 500 years ago.

Then I went looking for the Hobuck Beach Resort. You head out to Cape Flattery, the northwestern most point of the US and make a left to THE most beautiful beach. The cabins look cool but the beach is absolutely breathtaking. A wide expanse of deserted sand, and a line of almost perfect waves. There was actually a guy loading up his surfboard and I wondered what kind of nut would go out and willingly get icicles hanging from his nose!

Then it was home - I wanted to get through those windy roads before dark, and before they got too icy! Got home around 6:45 to a nice glass of wine and a welcome from Chris and the kitties.

So mission accomplished - I feel like I got a lot done without tiring myself out and I feel like the project is coming together now. I think I might try to do the next trip on my own too, I get a lot more done, without the pressure of having to worry about Chris. Not sure how he will take that, though.

Now I have to get ready to go to the office and make some money!