In 10 days I will be on a plane heading back east. And then way south! The time is going by so fast. It feels just like yesterday that I made the decision to go. Since then, the days have been flying by and departure is staring me in the face. Fortunately, I've been doing a bit of packing/clearing out/trashing every day, so I don't feel rushed. I don't do "rushed" any more. It might seem like an old lady way of doing things, but to me the stress of last minute stuff, putting things off, procrastination is worse than just about anything else. Sure, the house is a wreck and has been for weeks, but I know where everything is and where it is to go. The boxes are stacking up and I have actually managed to label them! A first!

The worst part has been the paperwork - what can I throw out and what do I absolutely have to save? But even that is being whittled down nicely. I have several goodwill boxes to go tomorrow and my clothing is down to minimal. I can take two suitcases and I need room in one for my Kangen machine! So that limits the space a bit. I think I am going to go the UPS luggage route as I can tape them completely closed and that might hinder sticky fingers in the airport luggage departments! And then just toss them once I get there. Both the boxes will get shipped down to Ryan before leaving here. I'll take just a carry on back east.

With the weather changing I am getting out of here just in time, I think. Trees are turning, yellow and rust mixed in with the green now. And the maples turning beautiful reds. In the howling winds, poplar leaves are coming down like driving snow; pretty soon the trees will be bare limbed and dark against the gray sky.

I don't remember if I mentioned I am keeping my car. After I had it detailed, and haven't had a single bite on craigslist, I reconsidered. It's paid for, a really good vehicle and I am pretty sure that I will have to be back here within the year to handle stuff with the house. And unless I want to pay an absolute fortune, will have to come back through the States to get to Panama or wherever I decide to land. So will have wheels and can then decide whether to sell or what. It will go under a cover here at the house, get driven once a month or so and will be fine.

It's amazing how many odds and ends have to be handled - Hinckley had to go for his shots on Friday (yowling in the car but he is fine); changing utility accounts; runs to the Goodwill with all sorts of "stuff"; and on and on. But now things are coming together. Boxes stored in a cupboard; the last of the paperwork sorted; final bit of shopping today; then the clean sweep of desks etc.

And all the while, the old Mac is whirring away, loading my thousands of photos into dropbox out in a cloud! Love it!