Cool Cat

This is Mickey He has been hanging around here for a couple of months and is actually quite friendly. But as I mentioned before, he isn't neutered and he sprays. Plus he has recently been making Hinckley quite nervous.

So today Nancy from Olympic Mountain Pet Pals came over and she helped me set up the humane trap, and baited it with tuna.

Now I feel like a real heel. Mickey came up to me and we had a wonderful chat, he was all friendly and loved being stroked. Then he went into the trap and bam!! He's caught!

I feel awful but Nancy will pick him up and take him to the vet and he will be neutered and I have decided that he will go to the shelter for a new home as Hinckley is just getting too scared of him. Even if he's neutered he will still want to be dominant and that's not right. The shelter has very few cats at the moment so I'm sure he will be fine and find someone who wil love him as he really is a cool cat. So....