Chesapeake cruise

Day four of the Chesapeake trip. Yesterday afternoon was the first time we had any form of internet. The Oxford Boatyard has free wi-fi so this is just a quick post.

We've had a couple of days of good weather and yesterday it turned cold, windy and rainy. Felt like I was back in Washington ...brrrr.

This boat is pretty cool! It is enormous - 44 ft long with a 24 ft beam. All the conveniences of home. At the moment I am sitting in the main salon, listening to the coffee maker burgle the morning brew. It's a floating condominium! Three staterooms, 3 heads, fridge and freezer but no washer/dryer. Very comfy.

Sailing it is a bit like sailing a bus. It has so much windage and is so wide, when the wind gets it, like when we are trying to come into a dock, it's like a big sail without any sails up. And of course, catamarans are impossible to sail to weather. But on a beam reach, she gets up and sails very comfortably. No tipping, nothing sliding all over the place. A whole new experience.

We started out in Annapolis, went to Tilghman (pronounced tilman) Island, tied up at Bob's friend's funky old boat yard for the night. Four of us on board: Betsy, Bob, Peter, Bob's friend and me. Went to the local pub for dinner and the first crab cake. I will expand on all this when there is more time.

Next day was to Cambridge, a nice little town then on to Oxford where we sit now. Yesterday Betsy's twin niece and nephew joined us. And today two more of Bob's friends will come aboard. Probably not stay the night - not sure about that.

Everything is very close together - by land. By water, because there are so many rivers, creeks, inlets, getting there takes a long time. This sail today, which will be an all day sail, is probably a half hour car trip.

I will add to these posts later but will post some pictures.